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cartoon artist Bill Plympton's caricature of Nicole Vigil

Nicole was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. At about age 9 she received her most prized Christmas gift ever - a portable tape recorder. She spent hours in her room alone with her beloved tape recorder making up characters, story lines and commercials. Nic's parents, thinking it was probably just a phase, patiently waited for her to move on to something else.  Grammar school plays turned into junior high drama, then high school drama...then, well, on it went. Eventually, her "phase" led to performing professionally.

While studying acting at the American Conservatory Theater in the early '90s, Nicole worked as an extra and played several bit parts in feature film and television productions. In 1996, she appeared in her first supporting role in the critically acclaimed, award-winning indy film, Daughters.  She continued working on independent film projects until the late '90s, when her other love began to take center stage...

Having been singing since childhood, Nicole's foray into music culminated in 1999 when she joined the jump blues and swing sextet, Indigo Swing. Already an established band with a large fan base, they traveled the U.S. and Europe headlining concert venues and festivals and toured as opener for the Grammy Award-winning Brian Setzer Orchestra.  Later, after the group disbanded, she was a producer on Jumpin' At The Border, a guitar jazz and world music album by Indigo band mate,  Josh Workman. The album garnered outstanding reviews and landed in the top 25 of the national jazz charts.


In 2006, Nicole went to work in production support for Lucasfilm Animation at George Lucas' legendary Skywalker Ranch. That's when her creative focus turned to voice acting. She was asked to provide a scratch voice for an animated television show that was in early production at the time, called Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  From there, she began providing scratch tracks for multiple characters...and then went on to record scratch voices for Lucasfilm's animated feature, Strange Magic. This all eventually led to her landing her first agent and commercial - and with that, she never looked back. Nicole has voiced projects ranging from national commercials to video games and toys...and everything in between.


For a list of gear Nicole uses in her home studio, click here.

Voice Actor



Nicole as a Plymptoon!

Sketch by the awesome Bill Plympton

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